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True Story of Delhi Wholesale Market for Business Owners

Profitable Delhi Wholesale Market

My friend wanted to purchase 15 large plastic dustbins with swing lids, specifically in green color for his shopping complex. He was very particular about the size, type, and color.

There are mostly fast food and dining establishments at his shopping complex which he has rented out to shopkeepers but he has reserved one shop for his own furniture business.

So, due to the considerable mess there, he has to maintain cleanliness and adhere to government regulations, prompting him to rush to the market to purchase dustbins.

We visited the nearby market and inquired about prices at different shops. The final price we were quoted was Rs.1750 for one piece at a minimum.

So, we decided to visit another market which was 7 km away from the first one where we had inquired about prices earlier. Upon reaching there, we asked and negotiated at different shops but the final price we were quoted was Rs.1650 minimum for one piece.

We were not satisfied with the prices being quoted to us, something in our minds told us that it wasn’t a good value for money.

While taking a break at a juice corner, we noticed three large dustbins with swing lids that matched our requirements perfectly. My friend wasted no time in asking the juice shop owner where he had purchased them and at what price.

To our surprise, he informed us that he bought them from Sarojini Nagar Market in Delhi for only Rs.899 each.

Those were exactly same what we were looking for. He also informed us that to avail wholesale rates from the Delhi Wholesale Market, one has to purchase at least three pieces.

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Sarojno Nagar Market – Delhi Wholesale Market

Sarojini Nagar Market is renowned as one of the most famous wholesale markets in Delhi.

While many believe it’s just to be a cheap and reasonable market for shopping only. It is actually home to numerous wholesalers offering a variety of daily use items at incredibly low prices.

As we entered the market, we were struck by the blend of old and new India. From traditional clothing to modern dresses and traditional artificial jewelry to the latest gadgets, the market had it all.

The retail prices amazed us with their affordability but ruthless bargaining was often necessary to secure the best deals.

We witnessed numerous people bargaining fiercely, sometimes reducing prices to rock bottom.

One memorable incident involved a lady and her daughter negotiating the price of a modern dress. Initially priced at Rs.2000, they eventually settled on Rs.1200 after just a few minutes of bargaining.

However, when it came time to pay, the lady handed over only Rs.1150 stating that the extra Rs.50 didn’t matter and that they would return soon to make further purchases. Both parties left the transaction smiling, showcasing the market’s unique charm.

Having learned a valuable lesson from this encounter, my friend and I felt more optimistic. We soon located a shop selling plastic goods, showing signage that read “wholesale and retail.”

Opting for the busiest shop of the three, we found the green dustbins with swing lids we sought. Soon, we located the specific one we wanted and asked the price from the shop assistant.

He asked us how many we needed, so we inquired about the price per unit. The helper boy informed us that one dustbin was priced at Rs.999 while three were available for Rs.899 each.

Before we could respond, the owner approached us and inquired about our quantity requirement. Seizing the opportunity, my clever friend stated that we needed just 6 dustbins.

The shopkeeper confirmed the price at Rs.899 each but after negotiating further, he offered a discounted rate of Rs.850 per dustbin if we purchased 12 pieces.

My wise friend then explained that we intended to make repeat orders and also expressed interest in purchasing other sellable items from the shop in the future.

He stressed our intention to resell the dustbins for profit in the local retail market where similar items were already priced at Rs.1000.

He pointed out that the shop owner himself was selling them for Rs.999 for one piece in retail.

However, the shopkeeper smiled, knowing he was more experienced in business than us. He didn’t embarrass us by revealing that he already knew the market retail price.

Instead, he politely asked how many pieces we wanted to buy.

My friend promptly responded that we wanted to purchase 25 pieces immediately with payment made on the spot.

The shopkeeper then called over one of his helpers and instructed them to retrieve 25 pieces of the selected dustbin.

He confidently yet politely conveyed his final offer of Rs.800 per piece, totaling Rs.20, 000 for 25 pieces with delivery charges to be borne by the customer.

After making the payment as we were leaving, he kindly offered us chilled juice packs.

Outside the shop, our 25 dustbins were loaded onto a pickup truck. We shared our mobile number and delivery address with the pickup driver and began following him.

Along the way, I asked my friend why he had purchased 25 dustbins when only 15 were needed.

My business-minded friend explained, See, 15 will be used at his shopping complex and the extra 10 he will sell at his own furniture shop for Rs.1600 each, earning Rs.8000 after offering a generous discount to his customers.

I recalled that the last price negotiated in his area was Rs.1750 and in the nearby market which was 7 km away from his furniture shop, it was Rs.1650 after bargaining.

This story is about my friend’s experience buying dustbins for his shopping complex. He faced a challenge but managed to find a great deal by being careful and exploring different options. He even discovered a way to make extra money by selling some of the dustbins. The lesson here is to be smart with money, stay flexible and always be on the lookout for opportunities. It shows that with a little effort and creativity, we can overcome challenges and turn them into successes.

In another incident with a lady and a shopkeeper at Sarojni Nagar- Delhi Wholesale Market, we learn the importance of communication and negotiation. Even though they agreed on a price of Rs.1200 for a dress, the lady asked for a lower price and ended up paying Rs.1150. Both parties were satisfied with the outcome, showing that when people talk and compromise, everyone benefits. This example demonstrates how being flexible and discussing matters can help us in living an easygoing life.

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