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Honda XBlade – 12,400 kms| Fair Ownership Review after 3 Years Ride

What Is So Special About Honda XBlade?

Three Years of Unbiased Assessment of my Honda XBlade 2020 Model with Dual Disc Brakes:

I must say that the Honda XBlade looks like a muscular machine.

When you see it from the front, its robotic face seems like a living machine, staring at you.

The side look of the bike is fully packed, you don’t see any empty spaces.

The sharp cut and curves on the side panel magnetically attracts crowd’s attention.

I own my Honda XBlade bike for last more than three years and completed 12,400+ kilometers and I am very satisfied with this muscular looking beast.

I ride my Honda XBlade almost all days a week even on weekends because I always have a plan for outing with my friends.

How I use my Honda XBlade in Real Life

I use this muscular vehicle for almost all purposes, from commuting to work every day and buying groceries, emergency medicines for home, paying bills, to picking up and dropping off my family members.

As I discussed earlier, on weekends I always have plans with my friends for outings. We all love to visit hill stations and sometimes nearby places within 100 kilometers.

I ride it in city, hill roads and highways and feel comfortable and incredibly confident while riding.

It slides in the city very smoothly, and effortlessly moving through traffic and tight turns with accuracy.

It climbs the hills easily with two people and this bike also performs well on highways. I would say highway ride is exceptionally comfortable.

Bike is comfortable and smooth till 80km/h and even makes you feel good with the pillion.

Anyone can ride this bike for continues 2 hour but after that one need to take a short break.

What were my requirements before choosing the Honda XBlade?

The first and most important requirement was power and mileage.

The second requirement was that the sitting position must be comfortable while riding the bike.

I wanted a bike that I could use for going to work, buying groceries and that would make me feel confident while cornering and overtaking.

It must have top class disk brakes with effective ABS as these two things serve as lifesavers.

The bike must generate enough power for climbing steep roads with two people.

It should have descent pickup and must be a sporty looking bike.

I needed a trusted and familiar engine ideally around 150cc, though the Honda XBlade has a 162.71cc engine producing Max Torque of 14.7 Nm @ 5500 rpm.

What I bought?

I wanted only front disc brake with ABS but when I went to the showroom to book my new Honda XBlade.

They said only duel disc brake is available but single disc will take around 15 days, as it was the end of year and almost all automobile factories stay closed for 7-10 days for annual maintenance of the manufacturing lines.

But the problem was that I already sold my old bike in exchange offer without confirming that the single disc brake is available or not in the showroom.

And I was not in state to manage without bike for more than two days.

Well what happens, happens for good, I decided to go for duel disc however the difference between single and dual disc was around Rs. 5000/-.

I bought it for approximately Rs. 1, 33,000/- (on road) in the year 2020.

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What I got in my new Honda XBlade, Dual disc brake.

Displacement162.71 cc
Max Power13.67 bhp @ 8000 rpm
Max Torque14.7 Nm @ 5500 rpm
Mileage – Owner Reported50 kmpl
Riding Range600 km
Top Speed115 kmph
Transmission5 Speed Manual
Gear Shifting Pattern1 Down 4 Up
Valves Per Cylinder2
Spark Plugs1 Per Cylinder
Cooling SystemAir Cooled
ClutchWet Multiplate
Fuel Delivery SystemFuel Injection
Fuel Tank Capacity12 litres
Reserve Fuel Capacity1.9 litres
Emission StandardBS6
Fuel TypePetrol
Front SuspensionTelescopic
Rear SuspensionHydraulic, Monoshock
Braking SystemSingle Channel ABS
Front Brake TypeDisc
Rear Brake TypeDisc

Image Credit: YouTube – Honda 2 Wheelers India

Stunning looks

From the first day, I started receiving compliments, and even after three years, people still check out my bike.

I always keep my muscular beast well-maintained, neat, and shiny.

I have never used any aftermarket accessories or even a single sticker on my bike.

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It has high quality fiber panels, I am riding this bike continuously from day one on all kinds of terrains but I did not find any irritating noise ever.

I bought a Sparten Red color which looks awesome with matte finish gray panels.

The color was looking dull inside the showroom even under lots of lights but when you see it in the day light it looks extremely stunning.

The Sparten Red color enhances the sharpness of bike. Cuts and curves get more prominent in this particular color. And the bike bears a resemblance to super bike at first sight.

Fit and finish of Honda bikes is always good.

Honda bikes are renowned for their impeccable fit and finish, consistently setting a high standard of quality in the industry.

Engine and Power:

Bike runs smooth on road, and I never felt much lack of power and pickup.

I do not feel any vibrations till 80 km/h, but after that, it gives little tingling sensation in your feet and palms.

However, I have not faced even a minor problem with the engine till date, as it has the same familiar and trusted engine as the Honda Unicorn.

Best part is engine kill switch, this feature is actually useful. Sooner or later, you will realize.

Pickup Issue:

When I first started riding, I noticed a slight lag in pickup every time I accelerated suddenly at low rpm, it was almost like a rubber band effect.

Let me explain: When I accelerate my bike to 2500rpm or 3000rpm, it initially picks up speed quickly, then slows down briefly, picks up speed again, and continues normally.

This thing was bothering me.

But after some days, I realized that if I accelerate the bike at or above 4000rpm, there is no such lag, it takes fantastic pickup at 4000rpm.


Image Credit: YouTube – Honda 2 Wheelers India

The head light setup on this bike really stands out. Actually saying, when you look at the face of the bike, it almost resembles a living machine.

It features a full LED setup and the throw of the head light is extremely powerful.

Low beam spreads across the road like a car’s headlight and the high beam so powerful that I haven’t seen it in another bike in the same segment.

The headlight doesn’t dim with a low accelerator. It remains constant in all conditions, which is useful while driving on bad roads with no street light especially in rains and fog.

Another great feature is that both the low beam and high beam stay on when using the high beam, providing double visibility.

The headlight also includes an awesome fully functional DRL, and both the headlight and tail light stay on after ignition, as it’s a BS6 bike.

The most powerful feature is the hazard switch, which causes all the indicators to blink simultaneously. It’s truly a lifesaver when the bike is parked on the roadside during winter fog or rainy seasons.

The smokey, razor shaped tail light adds an elegant touch on the road and trust me when you apply the brakes, the brake light blaze like laser beam, anyone can see it from a kilometer away.


As shown in the chart above, the bike features front telescopic forks and a rear hydraulic monoshock.

The front shocks provide a smooth ride, but the rear monoshock is quite stiff, which can be uncomfortable on rough roads, potholes, and bumps.

Manufacturers design components for specific reasons, and the stiff monoshock possibly improves the bike’s stability.

You can adjust the suspension’s stiffness at any time by consulting an authorized service center.

Fuel Efficiency what I am Getting

I get 50 kmpl in city in moderate traffic and on highway I it gives 62 kmpl when I run my bike between 60 to 70 kmph. (only with rider not pillion)

In dense traffic it gives 45 kmpl not less than this with a single rider.

The company claims 50 kmpl but I am actually getting better than that.

Basic rules I follow for maintenance:

  • Always use the right gear that the vehicle requires.
  • Always service the vehicle on time and only at authorized service centers.
  • Try to keep your bike single-handedly.
  • Maintain the correct tyre pressure.
Honda XBlade Maintenance Calendar
Service NumberInterval
1st Service750-1000 Kms / 15-30 Days
2nd Service5500-6000 Kms / 165-180 Days
3rd Service11500-12000 Kms / 350-365 Days
4th ServiceEvery 6000 Kms / 180 Days
Conclusion for Honda XBlade

The Honda XBlade bike is stable on high speed. I trust this bike completely. I feel very confident while cornering and overtaking (after 4000rpm). It climbs hill roads easily with pillion.

Tyre quality is descent, and I didn’t feel any problem in last more than 3 years.

I have covered more than 12,400 kilometers on same tyres and both the tyres seems to be in good condition and may run for next 15,000 kilometers but front tyre is little thin. However, bike looks fantastic.

Fuel efficiency on highways and city is satisfying. Front disc brake has a powerful bite but rear disc needs double push on brake leaver for tight grip. ABS actually works, promptly engages during serious braking. What I don’t like is hard monoshock, which can be painful on bumpy roads.

The lag in pickup at low rpm sometimes disappoints me while overtaking in city. But on highways, it performs awesomely.

Overall the bike is muscular, powerful, fuel efficient, refined engine, confident braking and comfortable.

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