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5 Pointless Habits of Poor People | Save Money India

What is Making you Poor Day by Day, Save Money India

Hey everyone, the first thing I would like to share is that I have been successfully making modest savings. If you are also truly desperate to save money but find it challenging to set anything aside each month despite your efforts then this special article is for you “save money india”.

We will be discussing some fully functional tips to save a good amount of money here. When it comes to money, many people say they have tried but couldn’t save.

After a few failed attempts they often give up altogether. These individuals desperately want to save money but they may not be choosing the right method.

The issue lies not with them but with the lack of proper guidance.

They overlook small things due to ignorance and end up wasting all their savings which could have been easily preserved.

Of course, it takes a lot of effort and hard work to earn money and everyone strives to do their best based on their talents and hard work.

However, it’s important to note that everyone earns of the basis of their unique and personal skills. So, what they put in, they get same out in return.

Saving money is indeed an art, and not everyone possesses it. Even if people create monthly budgets to save money, they often fail. It is important to remember that savings are collected through attention to small things only.

So, let’s begin with some practical tips that work effectively and are easy for everyone to adopt.

1. Ditch Shopping Companions

We all enjoy shopping as it’s a way to pass the time. Particularly when we are feeling bored and someone invites us to go shopping with them and we often accept their invitation to break our boredom.

Naturally we don’t go empty handed. We bring our debit/credit cards, phones for online payments, and some cash. At this point everything seems fine.

But when we see our shopping companion making purchases then we also feel inclined to buy something, even if we don’t really need it.

If we are out shopping we might indulge in food or other activities. The money spent on these unnecessary items is considered a waste of money.

That Rs.2000 to Rs.3000 could have been a small addition to our savings for the future. Therefore, it’s important to learn to ‘say no’ to shopping companions.

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2.Resist Stress Eating Outside

Eating is a stress reliever for many people. If you are feeling stressed or anxious and can’t resist the urge to eat something that isn’t homemade and you will likely opt for highly flavored and taste rich foods which often come with high price tags.

Obviously you won’t dine out alone and you will need company. So, if you bring a companion with you, the bill doubles. Suppose you order a pizza and fruit shake for one for Rs. 500 now it will directly become Rs. 1000.

But it doesn’t stop there expenses also include transportation, parking charges, and sometimes unprepared shopping.

Therefore it is important to stand firm and control your cravings by cooking creatively at home. The process of creative cooking itself is a big stress reliever.

At last ultimately you will enjoy a delicious meal cooked by your own hands and moreover earning your loved once appreciation and applause.

3.Skip the Pointless Website Visits

Avoid aimlessly opening and scrolling through online websites as this habit is not beneficial for anyone. Many of us when feeling bored or anxious tend to browse online selling websites in search of what’s new in the market, simply to stay updated.

This often results in pointless purchases. Instead of this consider searching other interesting content online. The internet offers a surplus of entertainment options, you just need to brainstorm and find activities that bring you calmness and happiness.

Look for hobby ideas, infotainment, music, and more. Always remember the importance of saving money as you begin to save your bank account will gradually grow.

This increase in savings leads to a greater sense of confidence naturally which helps you to overcome the tendency for pointless spending.

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4.Distinguish Between Needs and Wants

This is a common habit that can disrupt the budget of any household. When we see someone with a new item like a mobile projector that displays movies on a large screen and connects to a home theater, we often feel the urge to buy it ourselves.

It is important to control this impulse and use our discretion. We may realize that the product is not as versatile as we initially thought and it might lack warranty or service support.

Also using such a product may require turning off all the lights and using a home theater at night could disturb other home members due to the loud sound effects.

Suppose, if you come your home and see that the paint on the walls is chipping. It’s a reminder that the interior needs a fresh coat of paint which is a basic necessity to maintain your home’s appearance.

Meanwhile you are also checking your bank balance and realizing it’s lower than you would like. In this situation spending on a mobile projector gadget or a home theater might not be the good choice at all.

Those who realize this difference between needs and wants can easily control there overspending and save money. So, save money India now.

5. 21 Days Money Saving Challenge

Pair up with a friend or family member to tackle the next 21 days challenge focusing solely on needed spending. Hold each other accountable and set shared goals. Soon you will work out your priorities and develop careful spending habits.

Trust me when you tell somebody that you want to do something you automatically get locked to do it and in this case, it’s for your own good only.

These steps like shopping alone, avoiding unnecessary eating out, and distinguishing needs from wants, along with taking on the 21 day money saving challenge. We set ourselves on the path to a more financially secure future. Let’s stay mindful and save money India together.

Q1. How can students save money in college?

Ans. Budget smartly, use student discounts and cook at home.

Q2. How to manage student loans and save money?

Ans. Apply for scholarships, work part time, and live frugally.

Q1. How can housewives save money on household expenses?

Ans. Plan meals, shop wisely and DIY to cut costs.

Q2. What can housewives do to contribute to family savings?

Ans. Find extra incomes sources and prioritize basic needs.

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