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Practical and Working Passive Income Ideas in India

There are many passive income ideas in India that offer financial growth and stability. However, we cannot cover them all on one page. Stay tuned for more articles like this as we have received a lot of appreciation for this one.

  1. Paid Cooking

I was in Delhi a few months back and stayed at my friend’s house. He asked me to have non-veg for dinner. I said okay, but how? Because his mom doesn’t eat non-veg but other people do.

I asked him where we were going for dinner. I was too tired after a long drive and didn’t want to spoil his mood because I knew he likes non-veg every time but avoids eating alone without company.

He said we weren’t going anywhere, the food would come to his house because his mom doesn’t eat non-veg, but she won’t mind bringing it home.

However, the clause was that we couldn’t cook it in her kitchen, so we had to get ready-made.

My friend called someone and said, ‘Aunty, can you cook butter chicken by 9 PM?’ He called her around 5 PM, four hours before dinner time.

I didn’t understand, so I asked him what was going on. He said, ‘Come with me.’ We went downstairs and walked to the nearby colony market. It’s a lively market where people have shops outside and homes at the back.

How Paid Cooking Work:

He bought 1kg of dressed chicken from one shop, and we moved to Aunty’s home, which was just a few steps ahead. It was a decent, well-maintained house.

He pressed the doorbell, and Aunty came out with a smile and confirmed again what recipe to cook and the quantity of chicken.

She only cooks from half a kilo to two kilos of chicken because her kitchen setup is similar to ours at home.

Then we moved back to his home. On the way, I asked my friend, you bought your own chicken and gave it to her to cook, so how much will she charge?

He said, for regular chicken curry, it’s Rs. 350, and for rich gravies like butter chicken or cream chicken which includes cashew paste, branded butter & cream etc its Rs. 600 for 1kg.

I asked my friend, Don’t you think it expensive to charge Rs. 300 to Rs. 600 just for cooking?

He replied, ‘No, not really’. Just think, in the market, you pay Rs. 550 + GST for a full plate of butter chicken, and you only get 6-8 pieces and who knows about the quality of ingredients?

But with paid cooking, we get a whole kilogram of butter chicken, which is more than enough for 4 people, and you can even enjoy later.

He mentioned that she also cooks many vegetarian recipes like shahi paneer, palak paneer and etc. all for just Rs. 300.

Not only they taste good but the freshness and hygiene is also top notch. With just 2-3 recipes, she makes around Rs.1500 per day. So, this is indeed a tried and tested passive income ideas in India.

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2. Modern Rental Income

One among the most popular passive income ideas in India is renting out your property.

It’s not just about homes or shops anymore. Nowadays, you can rent out your space for many different things.

If you have an empty plot, lawn, or even just a decent sized area, you can rent it out for parking, weddings, or other events.

You can also use these spaces for smaller gatherings like birthday parties, meetings, classes, or even yoga sessions.

There is a big demand for these kinds of spaces from people and small companies and you don’t have to commit to long term agreements.

You can rent them out for short periods, like a three day yoga camp or a week-long event or even just for a day for things like walk-in interviews.

You can make some good money by renting out these unused spaces while helping people with their needs.

It’s one of the profitable passive income ideas in India and with the right move, it can be a great way to earn passive income.

Another among passive income ideas in India is to share your extra working space and make some passive money every month. Like you have a big office then you rent half of it by adding a wooden partition on sides and a 2 separate glass door in front.

Most popular classic Indian culture to rent out the 1st floor if nobody lives there as people often leave it vacant.

In any city in India, you could get at least Rs. 12-15,000 for it.

You can also rent out your garage or outer guest room but make sure to have a clear and proper rental agreement for it.

Submit the tenant verification form to the local police station as per state rules.

It’s simple procedure just fill out the Tenant Verification Form, paste a colored photo of the tenant, attach a copy of their photo ID, and submit it.

Get a photocopy of the filled form with the original. They will keep the original and return the photocopy as receiving with a sign and seal at the police station.

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3. Online Coaching Classes

To start online coaching classes, you need to have a skill and meet the minimum qualification requirement, which is usually a graduate degree in India.

First of all identify the subject you stand out in and feel confident for teaching.

As well as being a good orator and explainer is very important.

Education in India has become increasingly important with high teaching standards and intense competition among students and their parents for admission in top colleges.

The cutoff lists for admission to free seats in these colleges are very high, so every student aims to meet them.

India being the most populated country in the world as on the date of publishing of this article, there is no shortage of potential students.

The benefits of online coaching classes include flexibility in terms of time and location.

You can offer one-on-one coaching as well as group coaching sessions.

Some platforms for online coaching classes in India include Chegg India, Vedantu, and Unacademy.

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4. Corporate Trainer:

If you have experience in corporate training and development then you may consider venturing into corporate training.

You can provide training on different professional skills like leadership, presentations, corporate culture, client interaction, team building, time management, business ethics, productivity, and group dynamics.

Corporate are increasingly valuing skill development, there is a growing demand for specialized training programs.

You can customize corporate training sessions as per company’s requirement.

It is one of the satisfying passive income ideas in India to share your expertise and help professionals do well in their careers while earning a generous income, as corporate are known for their good pay checks.

5. Recruitment Consultant

The work of a recruitment consultant is doing job postings, sourcing candidates, conducting headhunting activities, and conducting telephonic screening interviews.

Generally an MBA in HR is the preferred qualification for this position.

Recruitment has become a busy industry nowadays particularly in our highly populated country.

 Interestingly, this is good for the future of recruitment as a large population turn into to a constant arrival of job opportunities.

Companies may now consider hiring any graduate who can work remotely if they hold relevant prior experience in the recruitment process or are open to receiving training. This system resembles a standard 9-to-6 job.

On the other hand freelancers who prefer flexibility and don’t want to commit to a fulltime job can search opportunities with companies or online platforms but they give priority only to experienced candidates.

If you are looking to work part time from home then prior experience is important.

Reputable freelance platforms like Upwork and Truelancer offer quality freelance jobs with secure payments.

While traditional job portals like,, and are also good options to find freelance recruiter job.

From rental income to online coaching and paid cooking services, there are plenty of possibilities to explore. These options provide flexibility and the chance to follow your talent effectively. If you have determination then you can build a successful passive income. But you have to take action, one who is innovative and adaptable can use full potential of passive income ideas in India.

Question: How much capital investment is needed for passive income business?

Answer: The initial investment can be different based on the idea. For example, buying vehicle and appliances for food truck business can be expensive. On the other hand, starting an online business like getting a domain and hosting might require only a small investment. Make sure to research and calculate the initial capital investment needed for each passive income ideas in India before deciding to go ahead with it.

Question: How do online working platforms process payments and what security measures are in place?

Answer:  Reputed online working platforms use only secure payments and safety measures. They process payments securely and may hold funds until work completion. Security measures like user verification and ratings systems are implemented to prevent fraud and maintain trust. Choosing platforms with reliable security is important for a safe working environment.

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