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Best Flexi Cap Fund – Everybody is looking for a Best Flexi Cap Fund scheme but no one can claim that the scheme which is performing well today and making money for the investors will also perform as well in the future. It is very important to analyze the long-term performance of any scheme. Here, we are going to discuss those schemes

Many people like to invest in best flexi cap fund. This mutual fund scheme gives investors the flexibility to invest in different market caps diversifying their portfolios and reducing risk. Investors can also benefit from market opportunities.

Flexi cap funds are a good option to achieve long-term goals providing better results through compounding. If one wishes to invest in flexi cap funds there is a profitable mutual fund scheme available. This scheme has provided returns of more than 40% in the previous year. The name of the scheme is Aditya Birla Sun Life Flexi Cap Fund. Since its beginning it has delivered an annual return of 21.73% (CAGR), which is a fabulous performance.

In other words we can say that if someone had invested 1 lakh in this fund initially, it would have returned 1 crore after 25 years.

How did this scheme performed in different durations:

DurationReturn (%)
1st year40.63
2nd year17.38
3rd year16.2
After establishment21.73
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If we calculate the returns on the monthly investment of Rs. 10,000 for five years, it will become approximately Rs. 9,22,493. Similarly, if the same amount is invested monthly for 10 years, it may yield an income of about 42.17 lakhs. And if you increase the investment amount to Rs. 50,000 per month, it may accumulate approximately Rs. 2.11 crores.

Few More Features:

Total Expense Ratio: The TER for the scheme is 1.68%. This means there will be an annual deduction of Rs. 1.68 for every Rs. 100 to cover the expenses incurred in investing in the fund.

Sharpe Ratio: The Sharpe Ratio for the fund is 0.89%. The Sharpe ratio tells how much extra return you get for each unit of risk.

Beta Ratio: The Beta Ratio for this fund is 0.94%. This means that the fund’s performance is a bit less jumpy than the overall market. When the Beta Ratio is around 1, it means the fund’s performance moves similarly to the market.

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Tips for any Best Flexi cap funds

Know Your Timeline: Decide how long you want to invest. Flexi cap funds are good for long-term goals like retirement.

Check the Fund Manager: Look at who manages the fund. Experienced managers can help grow your money better.

Spread Your Risks: Flexi cap funds invest in different things like big and small companies. This helps spread the risk.

Watch the Costs: Every fund charges fees. Lower fees mean more money stays with you.

Track Performance: Keep an eye on how the fund is doing over time. If it’s not meeting your goals then consider making a change.

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Strategies for Best Flexi Cap Fund

Approach: Invest in a mix of growing companies and those with good value.

Allocation: Spread investments across different types of companies to reduce risk.

Selection: Pick companies with strong finances and potential for growth.

Holdings: Keep a variety of investments from different areas.

Objective: Grow your money over time while managing risks.

Approach: Focus on buying good companies that are currently priced lower.

Allocation: Spread investments out, but lean more towards medium and large companies.

Selection: Choose companies with solid finances and room to grow.

Holdings: Own a mix of strong companies from different sectors.

Objective: Make good returns on your money over the long term.

Flexi Cap Funds vs. Mutual Funds:

Flexi Cap Funds are a category of mutual fund but they offer a special advantage. It’s not like regular mutual funds that stick to one size of companies (like big, medium, or small).

Flexi Cap Funds can invest in all sizes of companies. This gives the fund manager more freedom to change where they invest based on how the market is doing.

So, Flexi Cap Funds can capture opportunities the whole stock market from big companies to small ones.

While both Mutual Funds and Flexi Cap Funds invest in stocks.

Best Flexi Cap Funds have the flexibility to move around more which can be good for investors looking for growth while managing risks.

Let me explain you with an easy example:

Just imagine that you have two friends, Hiten Bhai and Tara Bhen who both want to invest in the stock market. Hiten Bhai chooses to invest in a traditional mutual fund while Tara Bhen goes for a Best Flexi Cap Fund.

Hiten Bhai’s mutual fund focuses only on big and well established companies which are known as large cap companies.

It is like sticking to the tried and tested path only without looking at other opportunities. So, if there is a smaller company with great potential then Hiten Bhai’s mutual fund might miss out on it.

Tara Bhen Flexi Cap Fund gives the freedom to make a try in different paths. It can invest in companies of all sizes i.e. large, medium, and small. This means if there is a promising small company with huge growth potential. Tara Bhen’s fund can jump on the opportunity.

Both Hiten Bhai and Tara Bhen are investing in mutual funds but Tara Bhen’s Flexi Cap Fund gives her more flexibility and potential for growth by allowing investments in different sizes of companies.

This was really hard and time taking job for me to present it in such a simpler way but Simplifying finance is our thing and we are proud of it.

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How Best Flexi Cap Fund works and what they invest in? Is important for anyone thinking about putting their money into them. By looking at the strategies we discussed like balanced growth and quality value, you can decide which one fits your goals and how much risk you’re comfortable with. Keep an eye on how your investment is doing over time and remember to stay informed about what’s happening in the market. These tips can help you make smarter choices.

Question 1: What are Flexi Cap Funds and how do they work?

Answer: Flexi Cap Funds hold different company stocks and let the manager change investments based on the market. They are flexible and adapt to market changes.

Question 2: How do I choose the Best Flexi Cap Fund for my investment purpose?

Answer: Look at how the fund works, its past performance, fees, and most importantly who manages it. Pick one that fits your investment purpose like growing your money. If unsure then consult a financial advisor for help.

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