Food Truck Business is better then Your job : 15 Easy steps to start in 2024

Food Truck Business Pays More Then You Earn in 2024

Food truck business in India can make up to Rs.3000/- per day or more, depending upon your skills.

No, need to invest lots of money in restaurant because the expenses on interior and exterior of a restaurant may go very high, if in case it does not do well then you might get in debts or loss.

However common people generally like to eat on easily approachable places like food trucks where they get fresh and tasty food in reasonable price.

Food trucks can be parked on road side, outside shopping malls, in front parking area of complex and offices (on some rent of course).

Risk is less in food truck business because you can change the location anytime, but in restaurant you get stuck.

Only one person is enough in the starting however, if the food truck business grows well then you can hire one helper for your food truck business

One more thing, if the restaurant fails you have to bare big losses but if the food truck business fails then you can sell it on lesser price to anyone or, you can give it to someone on contract for Rs.1000/- per day.

 1.Food Style:

Think about what makes your food truck special. It could be chinese, tibetan, local town specialty or your state flavors, mix-and-match dishes, or desi street food. Having a unique food style makes you stand out from others.

2. Business Spot:

Look for places where lots of people gather, like: coaching centers, crowded offices, popular market area, shopping mall, reputed collage area or PVR. Try to understand the taste and demand of people on particular spot, for example: if you work during lunch hours then you need to serve main course meal, if you work in the evening then fast food will do better.

3. Legal Formalities:

Get a food license from FSSAI, it is important to make sure that your food meets safety standards, Get the food truck license and registration from department of RTO, and other permissions from municipal corporation (Nagar Nigam). Make sure you have all the permits and licenses you need. Following the rules keeps things smooth and helps people trust your food truck.

4. Set Up Your Truck Smartly:

Choose the good quality equipments for your truck. It is not just about durability but for your safety as well. You can utilize lot of space by choosing small but smart equipment. It is like fitting a whole kitchen into your truck.

5.Truck Look Cool and Trendy:

This investment in food truck business can pay you at once. People actually get attracted to cool things. Be creative and make a catchy theme and lightning. Your food truck should catch eyes of people. Invest in a design that’s memorable and shows off what you are all about.

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6. Never Go out of Budget:

First of all decide how much your food truck will cost, No problem, if it out of your budget, you can buy used vehicle in good condition within your budget but don’t rent it (my personal advice). Consider what you are spending and who you are selling to, and what other food truck body maker and designers are charging.

7. Use Social Media to its Full Power:

Don’t be shy using platforms like Facebook or Instagram to let people know about your food truck. Share cool images and short videos of your food truck business. This is behind the scene stuff, this is called direct advertising, without calling it direct advertising. Do it because it helps a lot in making money, people easily get influenced now days and they are found of eating, customer will surly come to try food , win the hearts.

8. Get Online:

You can create a fully free website on “wix”. Create a simple website or a page on social media. Shere your menu with prices list, take the guarantee of food quality regarding freshness, hygiene and taste, tell the timing with food truck business spot, and share the good review of your food quality given by your customers. If you go online it may make you a brand. Don’t create a website in the starting otherwise people will keep high expectations.

9. Keep Things Clean and Tasty:

My friend owns a food truck business and he says always keep your food truck super clean. People like good food, but they love it even more when it’s clean and tasty every time.

10. Easy Payments:

Make it easy for people to pay you. Accept cards (few banks/companies give it for free) or digital payments like: Paytm, GooglePay, PhonePay, UPI etc. It makes ordering from your truck quick and smooth. The agents or marketing executives for digital payment agent’s app will come to you in few weeks, if not then ask your other food truck business friend to send them to your truck.

11. Change Up Your Menu Bro:

Don’t stick to the same menu all the time, if it is not working. Try to cook new things and listen to what customers say (this is important). Keep the menu what your customer wants, customer is the best teacher, they will teach you how to do business in next 3 months.

12. Friendship with Other Truck Owners:

You are competitors but sometimes not because your product is different and theirs is different. Connect with other food truck owners or nearby businesses. Working together can make more people notice your food truck. Learn and share your experiences, friendship is helpful most of the times. Forget the ego, if you really want to earn Rs.3000/- per day.

13. Food Truck (vehicle) Servicing:

Take your truck for regular servicing so, that it doesn’t break down without any signal. If you take my experienced advice then give the gear what your vehicle wants at that time and take it to the service center when required because it is not only your vehicle it’s your shop/business.

14. Ask Costumers to Spread Your Truck’s Name:

No matter if it’s a good or bad review, asks your customer to tell their friends about your food truck business, it always helps you make your food and service better. Nobody gives bad review if  your food is good.

 15. Change and Keep Updated:

The food business is always changing. You need to stay updated, go with the trend. Always keep finding new ways to make your food truck business updated with latest recipes in trend. It’s not difficult bro, just go and sit with other food truck business owners who are your friends they will tell you everything, don’t ask them directly, and ask cleverly.


Start your food truck with excitement, take help of your family and friends in the starting. Don’t do it for money only, always keep your focus on quality because only food quality is the return for customers against their payment. Follow all the government rules. Never keep the price too low or too high. Regularly, go and eat other food truck preparations to improve yours.  The streets of India are waiting for your tasty dishes and the success of your food truck business.

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FAQs related to food truck business in India:
Q1: How do I figure out the right place for my food truck in India?

Finding the perfect spot for your food truck business in India is like hunting for the best spice in your Masala Dhaba. Check out busy streets, markets, or hit up local events where people love to hang. Parks and cool hangout spots are also great picks. Think where your future foodie customer comes to chill. Also check where people can park their cars because in India people like to get served and eat in their air conditioned cars.

Q2: What license permits do I need to get my food truck business run in India?

Answer: Starting your food truck ride in India involves a bit of paperwork, but don’t worry, it’s part of the tadka! Firstly grab a vendor license from your local municipal corporation. Then spice it up with health permits to make sure your food meets food standards.

Q3: How can I keep my food truck’s menu interesting and winning hearts in India?

Answer:  One or two mouth watering sacks will add a magic to your chai (Tea). This keeps people coming back for more. Play soothing music in low volume. Listen to your customers what they are actually want to eat. If a particular dish becomes a popular, make it a regular item. Don’t be afraid to experiment on your food truck business, and stay updated.

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