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How To Make Resume For Freshers | Best Format for 2 Pages Resume

Latest Format – How To Make Resume For Freshers

Don’t have any skill or achievement to write on your resume

This article is specifically about how to make a resume for freshers, so we will focus solely on them.

When we think about resumes we often imagine lengthy documents spanning 2-3 pages packed with awards, achievements and experiences from different companies, technical skills, academic qualifications, professional certifications and more.

But practically I have observed that for desirable positions with good salaries which are open to candidates with 6 months of experience and also for fresher their resumes can be as short as half a page.

In fact, I have come across resumes consisting of just 4-5 lines containing just very basic details like name, phone number, 10th, 12th, and graduation details with only the passing year, school and college names mentioned.

The reason behind this is often not having tech skills, achievements or standout points to include in their resume.

Just because one does not have specific skills or achievements to mention doesn’t mean they should submit a half page resume.

There are plenty of ways to fill out a resume even if you feel like you have nothing to add.

Don’t worry, you don’t necessarily need to join additional institutes or skill classes to obtain certifications.

As a recruiter, I can assure you that those who screen resumes are experienced professionals who have seen countless resumes throughout their careers.

They understand the situation and challenges faced by a fresher whether they are technical or non-technical graduates or diploma holders.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about what to write. Instead, focus on recognizing and properly presenting your existing skills and qualities, as each person is unique.

If you are aware of your skills and qualities, you may just need to present them in a more effective manner.

With a couple of years of recruiting experience and a background in hardcore recruitments, I understand the challenges fresher face.

I have interviewed thousands of candidates and reviewed numerous resume formats throughout my career for both experienced candidates and fresher at the same time.

Let’s get straight to the point how to make a resume for freshers?

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How to Make Resume for Freshers

So for those fresher who don’t have much to write on their resume and want it to appear lengthier then this resume format may be the best option.

Contact Details

(Your Full Name) – xxxxx xxxxx

(Your Address) –, Street-xxxx, Colony/Area –xxx xxxx xxxx, Road – xxx xxxx,

(City, State, Postal/Zip Code) – City – xxxxxx, State – xxxxxxx, Postal/Zip – xxxxxx,

(Your Phone Number) – Ph/Mob No. xxxxxxxxxx

(Your Email Address) –


In the ‘Objective’ section of your resume as a fresh graduate, you should briefly share your career goals and what you aim to accomplish in your professional career. Keep it simple and concentrate on how you can bring value to the organization you’re applying to.

Example: As a recent graduate I am eager/keen/exited to start my career.

I am seeking an entry level position where I can apply my skills and knowledge gained from my (mention degree like – B.Sc, B.Com, BBA, B.Tech, MBBS or BCA) to contribute effectively to the team.

I am excited to learn and grow in a professional environment while making a positive impact on the organization’s goals.


(Degree Name) – B.Sc, B.Com, BBA, B.Tech, B.E, B.Ed, LLB, MBBS, BPharm or BCA

(Name of University/College, Location ) – University/College – xxxx Institute of Technology, Location- xxxxx

(Month and Year of Graduation) – MM/YYYY

Relevant Coursework: Mention any courses or subjects from your studies that relate to the job you are applying for.

Example: If you are applying for a marketing position then you could write courses like ‘Marketing Principles’ or ‘Consumer Behavior’ to showcase your knowledge in the field.


Even though I may not have technical skills or specific accomplishments yet, I possess important soft skills that are valuable in any workplace.

Communication: I can express ideas clearly whether speaking or writing.

Teamwork: I work well with others to achieve common goals.

Adaptability: I am open to learning new things and adapting to change.

Time Management: I am good at prioritizing tasks and meeting deadlines.

Problem Solving: I am able to analyze situations and find solutions.


Still if you have not worked on professional projects yet you can still highlight academic or personal projects that demonstrate your abilities.

Academic Projects: Talk about any important projects you completed during your studies. Describe what you did and how it contributed to the project’s success.

(Example of) Academic Project: Market Research Analysis

I worked on a project where we studied how people buy smart phones during my final year at university.

I talked to people, asked questions and looked at different information to see what people like and why they choose certain phones.

I helped by creating surveys, collecting and studying the answers using special tools and then writing up what we found.

Our work helped companies understand their customers better which was important for them to sell more phones.

I learned a lot about how to understand information and share it with others in a clear way.

It was a great experience that taught me skills I can use in future jobs.

Personal Projects: If you have worked on any personal projects or hobbies that show off your skills, mention them here.

Example: If you organized an event or created content for a magazine or social media then write it and explain what you achieved.

(Example of) Personal Project: Event Organization – Charity Fundraiser

I organized a charity event to help animals in need at a local shelter during my summer vacations in second year at university.

I worked with the shelter team to plan the event and spread the word about it.

My tasks included finding a place for the event, getting volunteers to help out and making sure everything went smoothly on the day of the event.

We also raised money to support the shelter and find homes for some of the animals.

This experience taught me a lot about planning events, team work and making a difference in my community.

It was rewarding to see how my efforts could help make the world a better place for animals.


You do not always need references for starter jobs but if you have some then you can put them on your resume to make it look lengthier.

You can give reference of people like teachers, bosses from internships or even someone you volunteered with. Just ask them first if it’s okay to use their name.

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How to make a resume for freshers – It is always difficult to write your resume when you are just starting out. It becomes more difficult for those who do not have much to put on it. But there are ways to make it look better.

Keep the focus on your education and any academic projects you have worked on in your collage time.

Explain the hard skills and soft skills well. Always write about your teamwork or problem-solving because companies largely look for this kind of attitude in candidates either fresher or experienced.

You can also mention any personal projects or hobbies that show what you are good at and what you like doing.

Keep your resume simple, honest and modify your resume every time according to the job you are applying for.

Your resume is your chance to show employers who you are and in this way you get closer to your first job.

Always include a passport sized photograph in formal attire with well maintained hair.

Males should have a clean shaven look or well maintained beard.

Females should go for light professional makeup and neatly tied hair to convey an active and professional image.

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