How to start dropshipping business in India with Rs.500: Best of 2024

Full info about How to start dropshipping business in India in 2024:

This is a roaring business now days, the best part is, there is almost no competition in this business because of unawareness. But those who understand how to start dropshipping business in india they are earning in Lacks and Crores with “Zero” investment or with a little investment of Rs.500 only.

This going to be a helpful information for how to start dropshipping business in india, we have explained end-to-end working process on how to do dropshipping in india in small parts, so that anyone can pick-up easily.

You want to do, but do not know how to start dropshipping business in india:

If you don’t want to manufacture products or don’t want to open a showroom, try dropshipping. It’s a low-risk way to run a store; your suppliers handle inventory and shipping. Nowadays making your own online business is a reality. Let’s get started!

What is dropshipping and how to start dropshipping business in india works?

Dropshipping is a business model where you find a product to sell, choose a good quality product for selling, you need a platform to execute your business and that is “Roposo Clout Dropshipping”, their app is  available on “Google Playstore” for free however they have in-app purchase option, which totally depends upon you.

 Suppose the product you have selected for dropshipping is for Rs.500, then go to “shopify”, it’s a platform where you can easily create your ecommerce store in few minutes and list this product for Rs.1000 on your website then do the advertising of your website on facebook or instagram etc, soon the sales will begin.

When you get an order for Rs.1000, keep Rs.500 with you and pay the other Rs.500 to your supplier, and the supplier will ship the order to the customer. For example: Rs.1200 (sale price) – Rs.600 (supplier payment)=Rs.600 (your profit on every order). Set the selling price wisely.

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How to start dropshipping business in india ?

You need four basic things to start and those are Product, Website, Advertisement and Profit.


It’s not advisable to sell the product which is already available in the market. It means that you have to find out a unique product, what people haven’t seen before. You have to trigger customer’s Impulsive Buy behavior; it means as the customer looks at your product, he/she gets impulsive to buy it on the spot.

Sell the problem solving products:

Robot Vacuum Cleaners, Multi-Tool Kits, UV-C Sanitizers, Wireless Charging Pads etc. And also keep in mind that what segment of customer will get interested to buy your product.


Create your website, keep an attractive name, the website should look like a brand, write self explanatory product description in proper format, upload high quality images of your product with white background.

Get a domain name like .net, .com, .in, .store, .shop etc, you can get the website domain from “shopify” as well, other free website creating platforms are “wix” or “ecwid”.

Type of store:

Decide what kind of store you want to create General store, Niche Store, One Product Store.

General store:

Here you can sell multiple products, beauty products, fashion products, home improvement products, health products, etc.

Niche Store:

Here you have to select your niche line of product, like beauty products only, electronics products only, Sports products only. Your store should reflect one category or specialty.

One Product Store:

Here you can sell only one product, like shoes, belts, ties, car perfumes, power bank, kitchen blender etc. You cannot sell shoes and car perfumes both on your website.

Benefit in opening a General Store is that you can list lot of products on same website. And Niche Store has its own benefits because you have to target only one segment of customers, like; is you are selling beauty products than you will target female customers only and, if you sell men products like shaving kit, beard or mustache oil/cream then you have to target men only.


You need to make an ad, you have to find video of that product from “AliExpress” or “YouTube” or search it on “instagram”. Search the videos and pictures of the product you want to sell on internet, and do some mix-and-match, and create a fantastic ad (advertisement).

After some time when the product starts earning good money, you can pay to content writers or ad (advertisement) makers to make your ad.

First 3-4 seconds of the video advertisement are crucial, people have a very low attention span nowadays, do such special editing or use visual effects which can attract the customers for your product, if the ad looks slightly boring then people will scroll it, and you may lose the sales.

Facebook is the best way to run the ads in India and internationally. If you want to do International dropshipping then you can also use “Tik Tok Ads”, but in India it’s banned. Forget it you can do it on “YouTube Reals” as well.

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In India we have RTO (Return to Origin), this means that the customer has the right to return the product to the seller, and a few websites have a straight policy of “No Question on Returns”, therefore in this case the seller (you) have to bear the shipping charges, you will have to pay the shipping charges i.e. (courier + packing).

 Generally the RTO (Return to Origin) rate in India is approximately 20%, it means that if you sell 10 products than 2 products may get returned.

Reason for RTO can be different, product can be returned on the basis of color, size, broken, tattered packing or late delivery etc.


The other reason might be COD “Cash On Delivery”, sometimes the customer is not available and their neighbors or office collogue do not agree to pay and take delivery of the order.

This is a usual part of business, every seller faces this and they are successful. Just be prepared for this scenario. 


CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) is the money which a seller pays out to get a customer to purchase its products like; spending money on advertisement.

The seller needs to be careful with CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost). Suppose: Cost of the product is

500 (what you have to pay to the supplier) + 350 (Advertisement cost) = 850 (CAC)

1500 (sale price)

Then actual profit calculation will be: 1500 – 500 – 350 = 650(profit)

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Top Products to Sell in 2024 and learn more about how to start dropshipping business in india :

Determining the right products for dropshipping in India requires careful consideration of market trends and cyclic variations. It’s important to validate the product’s appeal using tools like “Google Trends”. Our 2024 research has identified several trending items across various categories. In electronics and accessories, consider offering wireless chargers, power banks, laptop covers, and smartphone videography equipment. Explore fashion, apparel, and accessories with products like scrunchies, nail extensions, shapewear, tote bags, and slip-on shoes. Beauty and self-care items such as beard grooming kits, personal hygiene essentials, and posture corrector belts are also gaining traction.

Smart sellers know how to do dropshipping in india, so select a high volume products like: Ashwagandha fortified consumables, protein bars are promising choices. Home furniture and decor options include workspace and kitchen furniture, sofa beds, blankets, and rugs.

Essential home and kitchen appliances like air fryers, vegetable choppers, planters, and air purifiers are also in demand. Exercise and outdoor enthusiasts may be interested in resistance bands, bicycles, yoga mats, tents, and fitness bands or watches. Additional popular items encompass pet food, jigsaw puzzles, reusable water bottles, and customized gifts.

If you find it challenging to focus on a specific industry, dropshipping allows flexibility in selling a diverse range of items. Consider prioritizing products that solve problems, cater to passions, have branding potential, follow market trends, and appeal to niche segments with impulsive buying tendencies.

Differentiating dropshipping in India from standard retail, the key advantage lies in not needing to stock or own inventory. As the selling merchant, you facilitate purchases that are fulfilled by a third party, usually a wholesaler or manufacturer, while you play the role of the intermediary.

This approach offers benefits such as lower upfront capital investment, easy initiation, reduced overhead compared to traditional models, flexibility in location, a broad product selection, ease of testing different markets, and scalability. Dropshipping presents a dynamic and advantageous model for e-commerce entrepreneurs in India.

Conclusion of how to start dropshipping business in india :

In wrapping up our lead on “how to do dropshipping in india,” let’s look into the reality of the venture. There are challenges, but therein lies the beauty of entrepreneurship. The appeal of nominal initial investment and adaptable operations is balanced by the necessity for smart adjustments to market trends and competition.

 Yes, dropshipping in India can be highly rewarding, with countless products waiting to be showcased. However, success demands more than just a desire; it requires strategic planning, constant learning about how to start dropshipping business in india.

As you step into the land of dropshipping, consider the speed breakers not as roadblocks but as lessons. The e-commerce field is dynamic, and your ability to evolve with it will determine your success. Keep shoulder to shoulder of market trends, understand your customers, and change your strategy as needed.

Dropshipping is booming in India, but so is the competition growing more each month. India, being a big and crowded country, is a massive market globally. If you’re from India, consider yourself lucky! Now that you know how to start dropshipping business in India, don’t wait. Start your online store and make the most of this opportunity. It’s time to turn your idea into a reality.

FAQs about how to start dropshipping business in India:

1. Q: Where do I begin in understanding how to start dropshipping business in India?

A:  Start by understanding market trends on “how to do dropshipping in india,” Use tools like “Google Trends” to spot popular products with high demand.

2. Q: Do I need previous business experience to launch a dropshipping venture in India?

A: No, prior business experience is required. “How to start dropshipping business in India” provides to beginners. A basic understanding, coupled with dedication and smart planning, sets the foundation for success.

3. Q: What challenges should I anticipate when entering the world of dropshipping in India?

A: While “how to do dropshipping in india” brings exciting prospects, it’s essential to be aware of challenges. Intense competition and market fluctuations are factors to consider. Adaptability and continuous learning are key to overcoming these hurdles.

4. Q: Can I manage a dropshipping business alongside other commitments?

A: Yes! “How to start dropshipping business in India” offers flexibility. Many entrepreneurs successfully run their dropshipping stores part-time, making it ideal for those with additional commitments. Consistent product updates and communication with customers are key to success.

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