how to earn money online in india for students

How to earn money online in india for students : In 2024 for Free

Complete process explained for how to earn money online in india for students in 2024:

We have researched and handpicked few result giving methods for how to earn money online in india for students which gives real money. Complete working process is explained with bonus suggestions in between.   

As a student, you can learn and work online simultaneously because you have a learning mind set right now. However, to earn online at least some skills are required. Lots of talented individuals can earn substantial amounts, regardless of age, no matter you are 18 years or 30 years old. Some 12th-grade pass-outs earn in lakhs, while highly qualified individuals struggles for 10K-15K.

The internet is now a huge market to offer several ways to earn through various platforms and even gives you the solutions on how to earn money online in India for students. Lots of students are exploring these opportunities by using just a smart phone and laptop. If someone is having creativity & skills then he/she can secure significant earnings.

Earning money as a student isn’t just about money. Besides the financial freedom these opportunities represent students to the business world, boost their confidence, refine people skills, technical skills and time management abilities. Most importantly you get constant learning and skill polishing.

How to Earn Money online in india for students

Freelancing Platforms:

We visited this site and researched, this platform gives you the freedom to work from home and they are always in search of intelligent freelancers who can write online content on anything and everything, their own website says that they offer excellent compensation and incentives.

They have three steps screening process to hire.
  1. Sign up and take exam.
  2. If you pass this exam then result comes to your email with a link. If failed then you get next chance after sometime, polish your writing skills between this period.
  3. Take the task (article) from the pool and finish it within the given time and get paid.

Blog writer:

Google gives you a golden opportunity for free to learn and earn with “blogger”. This platform is totally free (free domain and hosting), blogger give you full freedom to write on any topic. Create a blog with your gmail id, here you get sufficient number of free themes, and can create up to 100 blog sites for free, write the posts and start publishing it.

You get paid by “Google Adsense” and affiliate marketing. However, it requires consistency and may take a few months to start earning depending upon the originality and quality of your content.

Blogging takes time to get your first online earning but when it starts paying, it pays a lot. Key to success is choosing right niche, regularity, and learning.

Other blogging platforms are “Medium” (free) and “Wordpress” (need to buy domain and hosting). Please read the terms and conditions of all platforms before starting. :

Create an ID and get logged-in on this site, you will get lots of open job postings with the description of content you are required to write for the client. Many student and freelancers are working on it and earning good money.

 For example:

The client wants 3 articles, one on “Back Pain Relief” and two on “Home Decoration”, length of each article must be 500 words so the total comes to 1500 words and for this job you will get $30. operates much like Upwork, serving as a bustling hub connecting freelancers, especially writers, with lots of of writing tasks. It’s a lively space where writers can show their skills by bidding on projects that match their expertise. From creating engaging content to technical writing, offers various opportunities. The platform ensures secure transactions; releasing payments promptly upon successful completion of assignments, making it a reliable space for writers to earn while sharpen up their skills. & and stand out as dedicated platforms customized for freelance writers. These platforms serve as big opportunity for writers seeking assorted writing projects. Whether it’s creating creative content or writing gripping articles, these sites connect writers with clients seeking their skills. Payment security is prioritized, ensuring writers receive compensation promptly upon delivering quality work. These platforms not only offer opportunities to display writing abilities but also provide a supportive space for writers to succeed in the freelance career and make you learn how to earn money online in India for students.

How you get paid:

By using these platforms, students can make money by writing while studying.

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Fiverr is like a meeting place where people who need their work to be outsourced, connect with freelancers who offer their skills.

For students, it’s a platform where they can showcase what they are good at like online teaching, graphic design, coding or writing and offer these services which are called “gigs”.

 Clients check out these gigs, hire the freelancer for a job they need, payments are made through Fiverr, and once the work’s finished and approved, the student gets paid.

 Fiverr manages the entire process from job postings to payments, making it convenient for students to showcase their skills and earn money.

How to start :
Create Your Account On Fiverr:

Visit and sign up using your email or social media. Fill in your details to make your profile.

Set Up Your gigs:

Gigs are the services you offer. Go to your profile, click on “Gigs,” then “Create a New Gig”. Describe what you’ll do, how much do you charge, and when you will deliver.

How to get your first gig:

You can share your gig on social media, let everyone know about it.

Fair Pricing:

Price should not be too high or too less, research what others are charging. Offer your services at a reasonable price to attract clients. Very low prices may reflect quality or performance issue.

Quick Responses:

Reply quickly to messages from potential clients and take all messages seriously.

Stay persistent and active with a good profile and do some self-promotion on social media, you will catch your first gig before you know it!

What are the best ways to make money on Fiverr?
Decide what can you do :

Firstly you should know what your skills are, we mean a work you are confident that you can do on your own, like online teaching, graphic designing, article writing, website coding, or other stuff. This helps you focus on what you are best at on Fiverr.

Make a clear Profile:

Your profile need to be clear that what you do. Write your skills and show examples of your work so people know what you are offering.

Genuine Prices:

In starting, offer your services at reasonable prices to get clients attracted. As you get more positive response, you can gradually increase the prices but never keep the prices too low because customer may doubt on work quality and performance.

Describe Your Services Clearly:

Explain your services properly in your gigs, it has to be very clear and easy to understand, avoid using fancy jargon and phrases. Use simple words to explain so that clients know what to expect.

Be serious with Clients:

Quickly answer the messages, deliver work on time, and do your best to make clients happy. Happy clients leave good reviews, which helps you get noticed more.

Flexible Options:

Be flexible while creating service packages to suit different needs and budgets. This gives clients choices for what they want.

Tell People About Your Work:

Doing publicity is very important, use social media or other apps to tell people about your services on Fiverr. You never know from where you start getting business.

Keep Getting Better:

Always keep on learning and improving your skills based on what clients say. Doing great work consistently helps you stand out and do well on Fiverr.

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Online Tutoring:

Start online teaching with a zero-investment if you are looking for how to make money online without paying anything. It’s an easiest way to earn money. You can set your hourly rates, typically starting from Rs 100 per hour based on your expertise, you can target for Rs.3000 daily income. For an example it you are charging Rs.300 for one hour session and there are 10 students in one batch then it comes to Rs.3000. If you are good then you can take 2 to 3 one hour sessions daily.

Getting Started:
Register on Tutoring Platforms:

Make a profile highlighting your skills, subjects you teach, and your pricing.

Select Your Subjects:

Choose the subjects or topics you are good at and comfortable teaching.

Prepare Your Teaching Material:

Gather your teaching resources such as presentations or study materials.

Manage Your Schedule:

Define your availability for tutoring sessions.

Payment Procedures:
Student Payment:

Students pay to the platform for your sessions.

Tutor Payment:

Platforms usually pay tutors on a monthly or bi-weekly basis via bank transfers or PayPal.

Tips for Success:
Clear Communication:

Ensure students understand your teaching with no doubt left.

Engaging Sessions:

Use interactive methods to keep students interested.

Continuous Improvement:

Learn from feedback to enhance your teaching skills.

Online tutoring provides a flexible way to earn while sharing knowledge. Choose a suitable platform, create a strong profile, and deliver quality sessions to establish yourself as a successful online tutor.

 Get popular!!

Earn Online by Selling Photos and Videos

If you have a good quality phone camera or a DSLR then you can earn money online in India by selling images and videos to platforms like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Squarespace are always in search of unique and creative visuals. Any picture or video can be useful for anybody, not necessary to go to hills, jungle or beach, you can take abstract pictures of textures, patterns, food, daily life or any object or a busy market in your town etc, and you can sell anything if you are creative.

Here’s how you can get started:
Sign Up:

Create your account on any platform which pays for photos and videos.

Quality Check:

Make sure that your content meets their quality criteria.

Upload Content:

Once you get the approval start uploading your photos and videos.

Earn Royalties:

You will be paid royalty amount every time when someone purchase or downloads your work.

Payment Methods:

Generally they do monthly payment or as per the platform’s policies. Usually through bank transfers, PayPal, or platform-specific systems.

Prioritize Quality:

Never compromise on quality, content has to be original; your visuals must look outstanding.

Keywords and Tags:

Use relevant keywords and tags for your photos and videos for better visibility.

Regular Updates:

Consistently add new works and keep your portfolio fresh and updated.


You can tell about your work on social media to expand your business.

Consistently providing top-notch visual content allows you to turn your passion into a profitable online income source. With each sale or download, you will receive royalties and earning from your creativity.

Online Stock Trading in India

We have kept this option at last, this is for those students who can afford to invest at least Rs.5,000  and are matured enough to handle calculative risk. You need to have some money in pocket for online stock trading.

It’s not a rocket science, doesn’t matter what your study background is; science, commerce or arts.

 But it’s important to understand the Stock Market Basics before entering. This is a magical world and we are not motivating you in anyway.

Learn stock market basics for Free: BSE, NIFTY, IPO, M.Cap and complete working process to start stock trading online at one place.

 Minimum Investment:
Start Small:

You can begin with Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 however nothing is fixed.

Fractional Investing:

Some platforms allow smaller share investments starting from Rs.100 onwards.

Risk Awareness:

Stock trading involves fluctuations and potential losses.

Diversify Investments:

Spread investments across different stocks or sectors.

Education and Experience:

Gain knowledge and skills through reputed courses or take advice from experienced traders.

Risk Advisory:

The stock and stock market are subject to market risks. Invest what you can afford to lose, stay informed about market trends. Seeking advice from SEBI registered financial experts is advisable before making investment decisions. Do thorough research and then select a trustworthy trading app or website to avoid scams.

To sum up:  

The digital field is full of opportunities for students in India excited to plan their financial career. From freelancing on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork and to exploring writing gigs on and, the options are diverse and promising. The key is not only to seize these opportunities but also to hold continuous learning and adaptability. So, students, start working online, demonstrate your talents, and open doors to a world where your skills are not just acknowledged but also rewarded in form of real money. Now you have got enough knowledge on how to earn money online in india for students , and with the right mindset and determination, success is guaranteed. So, Earn Big Live Big!!

FAQs about how to earn money online in india for students

Q1: As a student how much can earn online?

Answer:  It depends upon you skill set and time invested on work. Earning also depends upon platform to platform according to their policy and brand. If you own high-demand skills and maintain consistency then income may go higher.

Q2: What type of skills do I need to earn money online for free?

Answer: You need skills like content writing, creative writing, story writing, graphic design, basic HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP programming, website testing or teaching skills for online tutoring to earn money online without investment.

Q3: Are there any risks associated with online earning for students?

Answer: Working online is risky like any other job, just beware of the scammers, always prefer secure payments, keep yourself updated, and work consistently.

Q4: Are there genuine opportunities to earn without spending?

Answer: Absolutely! There are several credible platforms offer genuine ways to earn money without requiring any payment. However, it’s important to research and choose trustworthy sites to ensure authenticity and avoid scams.

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